MY RATING: 4.5/5


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Photo @ Walt Disney Animation Studios

As everyone knows, Frozen was a sensational phenomenon that came out in 2013. Since then, everyone has been buzzing about Frozen 2 and if it will be just as great as the first one. This movie has a great plot and really emphasizes something more than a romantic interest, but why did it leave more questions unanswered? How come Frozen and Frozen 2 had basically nothing to do with each other? Are the questions intentionally unanswered and will they be answered in Frozen 3? or was it just bad planning?

Besides all the confusion, I do want to point out that I really loved all the dresses and outfits that were created for Elsa. Each time she sang a song, her outfit changed and the color/design was everything. I also want to point out that the brand new songs included in the film were amazing. Kristoff had his own solo and I feel like he deserved it.

I rate this movie a 4.5/5 because it wasn’t the best movie that it deserved a 5/5. As I have mentioned above, there are so many questions that make the story a bit confusing because we don’t know the backstory or just general questions that should’ve been answered the movie. Maybe they were supposed to be for the next sequel and if so, I can’t wait for it!

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